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Drones are a hot new technology!  The future is finally here and you want to be a part of it.  But DON'T take any chances.  Our skies are highly regulated and you want to make sure that you are flying by the rules.

Who makes the RULES, and how do they affect you?
What exactly is a DRONE? Where did they come from and what is their future?
Basic anatomy of ROTORCRAFT and FIXED-WING drones. What's the difference?
What is the National Registry?
Custom or Production UAS?  Which one is better?
Common component errors--Also Known As:  What Goes WRONG?!

The only concern I had with your course  was that you weren’t charging near enough!  The content and structure were fantastic!

It couldn't be more SIMPLE and there is NOTHING TO LOSE.

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People learn in different ways, and this fun course uses all learning metrics: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. You will hear stories, play sound games, view stunning graphics and animations, and enjoy multiple fun interactions.

“Gamification” goes beyond playing a game and makes the entire learning experience one big game! Learn more through the basic human drivers of competition, achievement, self-expression, rewards and status.

There are more than 25 different interactivities built into the training. People learn better when they get to DO and not just listen, watch, or read.

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